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Top Bridges in New York City

Guest Post by Steven McKenzie:

New York City features several symbolic bridges that connect different neighborhoods. Most of them are great constructions that have both a cultural and a historical signification. They impress through their size and through their architectural design. For these reasons, you will be presented with a few of the most outstanding bridges in town.

The Brooklyn Bridge

The first one on our list is the famous Brooklyn Bridge. It is one of the biggest and oldest in the United States. It stretches over 5,900 feet and connects Manhattan to Brooklyn. Also, it was the largest suspension bridge in the world and the first to be wire suspended. Since it opened, it has been an iconic part of the New York skyline and in 1964 it was appointed a National Historic Landmark. If you are lucky enough to be on vacation in Brooklyn, make sure you do not miss the opportunity to see this impressive sight.

The Manhattan Bridge

Manhattan BridgeThe next great bridge on the list is the Manhattan Bridge that crosses the East River and connects Lower Manhattan with Brooklyn. It was designed and built by Polish bridge engineer Ralph Modjeski with the deflection cables designed by Leon Moisseiff and was pompously inaugurated on the December 31, 1909. It features four vehicle lanes on its superior level and 3 vehicle lanes, 4 subway tracks, a walkway and a bikeway on the lower level. Initially, the upper level was used for streetcars, and had 2 lanes in each direction, and the lower level had 2 lanes in one way, and the other in the opposite way. Moreover, it was once the main artery of the New York State Route and later it began to carry Interstate 478.

The George Washington Bridge

Moving on, we have the George Washington Bridge, also known as GW Bridge or the George. It is a suspension bridge that passes over the Hudson River and connects the Washington Heights neighborhood with Manhattan with Fort Lee in New Jersey. Most of it is in New Jersey and crosses the state boarder. Moreover, it is considered one of the busiest bridges in the world and it carries about 108,404,000 every year. It is the fourth largest bridge in the United States.

The Queensboro Bridge

The last bridge that made on our list is the Queensboro Bridge. It dates back to 1909 and passes over the East River. It connects the neighborhood of Long Island City in Queens with Manhattan, crossing the Roosevelt Island. The Queensboro Bridge is one of the four East River spans that carry a route number: NY 25. It is generally called the “59th Street Bridge” by New York City residents because its Manhattan end is located between 59th and 60th Streets.

These are just few of the major bridges the can be found in New York. They all are imposing and impressive, and are a part of the city’s charm. Also, they are extremely useful, because they can ease transportation; they create shortcuts and trespassing over different rivers. In time, they have become true symbols of the city and today they are recognized and appreciated world-wide.

Steve lives and breathes New York City, and when he is not exploring the Big Apple, you can find him writing about New York City rentals.

image via Luxury Rentals Manhattan

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