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Top 5 Places To Spend Christmas

If you’re thinking that you can’t spend one more Christmas with the in-laws or you’ll go stir-crazy – now might be the time to consider getting away for the holidays. Whether you are looking for a not-so-white Christmas, or you just want a different backdrop for your Christmas cards this year, think outside the box and choose one of these popular Christmas spots:

  • Vienna – The perfect spot for lovebirds, Vienna is sure to impress. With its magical lights and fun-filled carols, there is something for everyone. Vienna is home to the oldest Christmas market in all of Europe, Christkindlmarkt, which has been running for almost 700 years.


  • Frankfurt – The most popular Christmas market in Europe takes place in Frankfurt, where you will find an enormous Christmas tree stationed by the medieval town hall. This market has occurred over 600 years, and you are sure to find souvenirs for everyone in your family at one of the market stands.


  • New York City – Featured prominently in many movies and Christmas cards, New York has all the hallmarks of a white Christmas wonderland. Of course there’s the famous ice skating at the Rockefeller Center and the huge Christmas tree lighting ceremony to look forward to.


  • Rome – For those of you who are more spiritual, Rome offers a great sense of Christmas spirit. Be sure to go to St. Peter’s Square on Christmas day, where you’ll see the Pope reading his Christmas message to everyone there.


  • Rio de Janeiro – Home of the largest Christmas tree that floats in a small lake, Rio de Janeiro will give you one wild Christmas ride. Go to the Festival o the Goddess of the Sea and enjoy the world-famous beaches. Of course, you can be sure to enjoy all the markets, fairs, concerts and crafts available there as well.

Rio de Janeiro

Rather than spending another Christmas at home where you will be forced to decorate a billion sugar cookies, try something new this year and travel abroad. You will be sure to enjoy the Christmas spirit wherever you go.

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