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Ten Sure Bets for Your Tropical Paradise

Guest Post by Savas Abadsidis:

As a fellow traveler, I’m sure we can all agree that we like to have fun on vacation. That’s why this summer, whether hitting the beaches of Mykonos, Ibiza, the Caribbean or Hawaii, I understand it’s easy to get lost as the trappings of the real world fade away. In fact, it’s the best thing about your idyllic paradise. I know you’ve done the research, packed everything you needed, got a good night’s sleep before you embarked, but sometimes we overlook the little things once we get there. Now, I don’t want to be your conscience, your mother or your ex-Sunday School teacher but steer clear of the following faux pas and you’ll be thanking me in the morning.

  1. Not getting a beach blanket and umbrella with extra space.
  2. Not stocking the cooler for the beach.
  3. Not having a convincing story about personal hardship and human triumph.
  4. Not having open on your iPad.
  5. Not wearing a higher SPF.Cartoon of a sunburned guy at the beach
  6. Eating that last chimichanga.
  7. Giving your real name.
  8. Giving your real number.Cartoon of a frat boy and a chimichanga
  9. Giving the exact details of your whereabouts to the home office.
  10. Leaving your keys to your villa in the moped the local just made off with.

Savas Abadsidis is Editor-in-Chief at Preferred Escapes. Preferred Escapes is a leader in the luxury villa rental industry with villas in places such as St Martin, Casa de Campo, Greece & more.

Art created by Bill Walko

One Response to “Ten Sure Bets for Your Tropical Paradise”

  1. Randy says:

    Great tips! My partner and I are avid vacationers, and a beach is always at the top of our getaway list. Thanks for the suggestions (and loved the art).

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