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5 Magnificent Festivals in Munich

Guest Post by Danielle Weich:

Oktoberfest festivitiesIt is an interesting fact that the city of Munich was originally founded by monks. Their secluded ways clearly did not set the precedent for what is the third largest city in Germany today. With a population of 1.42 million, Munich is a vibrant and exciting city bustling with rich, ancient culture and new modern ideas. Their festivals reflect this variety, featuring everything from opera to beer!

1 – Munich Opera Festival

The Munich Opera Festival has been around since 1876 and it boasts a full program of opera and ballet performances. An annual summer event, the Opera Festival is particularly known for the free, outdoor concert held in the Max-Joseph-Platz square; “Opera for All.” During this concert a full-length production is transmitted live from the National Theatre for everyone to enjoy. A very sophisticated way to spend a few memorable hours in Munich.

2 – Theatron Music Summer

For those with a more comprehensive musical palate, the Theatron Music Summer Festival provides a wide variety from every corner of the musical world; from cabaret to classical, back to modern hip-hop and jazz. Located in the amazing Olympia Park, built in Munich to host the Summer Olympics in 1972, the setting allows for thousands to take to their seats for the concerts. And what is the best part of all this? It’s completely FREE to attend! With the festival running for 24 days and featuring artists and genres for all tastes there is simply no reason to give this one a miss.

3 – Munich Carnival

If you are strolling through Munich in the early spring and suddenly come into contact with madness and a raving king, you have likely walked into Germany’s “Fascing,” an elaborate festival that spreads through every county. The Carnival in Munich has everything a good Carnival should have. Masks, balls, parades and the crowning of the Carnival King and Queen make for days of celebration. As with the best things in life, the exact timing of the Carnival cannot be predicted, but it tends to take place shortly after the cold winter months.

4 – Filmfest München

You cannot know Munich without knowing the Filmfest München! For 9 days, starting the end of June, the city is engulfed in movie magic that no one can escape. German Feature Films, American Independent Films, special tributes, sneak peeks of new releases and new cinematic discoveries are but a few of the offerings on show in Munich during the festival. Even if you don’t quite come away feeling like a big screen star yourself, you will definitely come away with a few new benchmarks to use when judging your movies.

5 – Oktoberfest

Undoubtedly the city’s most famous festival, it is one that has spread from Germany and is gaining popularity worldwide; the Oktoberfest is the crown of festivals in Munich. Beer is the perfect end to a long hard day at work and so it is fitting that it comes at the end of a string of summer festivals in Munich. Since 1810 this iconic festival has been an important part of Bavarian culture. The main event at Oktoberfest was actually originally a horse race, but since 1818 local beers and breweries have taken center stage of the festivities. The festival starts on the 22nd of September this year and continues on till the 7th of October, giving locals and visitors alike a proper way to greet the coming winter months!

Danielle Weich writes for the popular Drakensberg accommodation booking website, Travelground. In her free time she enjoys reading, role-playing, and appreciating the natural wonders of her beautiful home country.

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