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Travel Climate Myths

Guest Post by Tahar Rajab:

Sometimes, when we think of certain places, we immediately get ideas of 24/7 “shorts weather” and year-round sunshine. These misperceptions are born out of ignorance, a lack of geographical knowledge. And that is why you need your ever trustworthy travel advisor here to debunk the myths of different regions.

Ever wondered whether Chile was actually chilly, whether parts of Africa ever saw the cold or whether there were some parts of Argentina icy enough to enjoy skiing?

A Cold Argentina?

Being a South American country we often mistakenly get the impression of Argentina being a rather warm country. In part, this is true. There are some parts of Argentina that are warm, as there is of course a summer period for the nation. However, there is also a winter period which – in the southern provinces such as Santa Cruz in particular – can be bitterly cold.

On the topic of South America, yes, Chile can get rather chilly!

Dirt road just outside of Nairobi

Nippiness in Nairobi?

One would be forgiven to envision bright sunshine and tanning weather all year round when Kenya pops into mind. Well then, you might be intrigued to know that in its ‘winter’ season the weather can be somewhat like our summer period. I put apostrophes on the word winter as with the Nairobi being so close to the equator; the differences in seasons are minimal. This renders the winter to be rather more like a mild summer.

A Constantly Wet London?

There seems to be a myth that London is constantly wet, and with it being my hometown, I’m keen on debunking it. However, as I look outside at puddles in the midst of June – our summer season, I feel any argument against the myth to currently be inadequate. Fine, London is always rainy!

image via Crazy About Kenya

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