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Relax Like a Star: Follow the Itineraries of Paris Hilton, Brad Pit, and Lady Gaga

Guest Post by Andras Deak:

For most of us, the lifestyles of the rich and famous are something we can only dream about. Their luxurious lives and unattainable activities may seem a step removed from our own realities. However, there is at least one area where we and celebrities can become equal: traveling. We might even have it better than them in that respect, for lounging on a beach in the Greek Islands is likely to get a celebrity Beautiful blue waters of Costa Smeraldaoverwhelmed with fans and paparazzi, while we can simply enjoy our day. But where do celebrities go on holiday, and how can we follow in their footsteps? Let’s look at the favorite travel spots of a few well-known faces.

Brad Pitt and his entourage of a family, headed by Angelina Jolie, has recently taken a surprising like to the relatively obscure Central European destination of Lake Balaton, Hungary. Rumor has it that the famous couple has purchased a villa in the quiet town of Tihany, spending at least several weeks there every summer.

Here’s how you can have the same holiday; planning your own custom holidays is easy in Europe. Budapest, the capital and transport hub of Hungary, offers hourly trains to Tihany. The gorgeous little resort town, nestled in the hills on the shores of the lake, offers a range of accommodations. From cozy guest houses to renting your own cottage, you’re sure to find the accommodation that’s right for you. And you might even get to see Brad or Angelina strolling down one of the cobbled streets.

Paris Hilton is a rather notorious partier – so it stands to reason she’d know the best place to travel for a good party. She has been spotted in Sardinia, the second-largest island in the Mediterranean and an autonomous region of Italy. Surprisingly, it’s still relatively unspoilt by too much tourism, so now is a good time to go.

Here’s how you can have the same holiday: Sardinia is known for its strange and interesting prehistorical stone formations, stunning nature, and a traditional way of life that carries on in the villages in the interior, relatively unchanged for centuries. Ferries from Italy and France take tourists and locals from the mainland. Flights from most major European hubs are also available. If you’re looking to follow in Paris’ footsteps and drink champagne on the beach rather than take in the culture, Costa Smerelda is the playground of the rich and famous in the summer, its streets lined with designer shops.

Where does the mysterious and admittedly strange Lady Gaga spend her holiday time? Though famous for her bizarre fashion and sometimes incendiary lyrics, it turns out Lady Gaga is a family woman at heart and spends as much time with her parents as possible, who live in New York City.

Here’s how you can have the same holiday: package holidays are a good idea for the visitor from abroad who wants to visit famous New York City. Often, you can get deals on accommodations, discount tickets to shows and theaters, and guidance on the best places to go and things to do.  With a population of over eight million, NYC can be overwhelming for the uninitiated.

Andras writes for Timeless Travel, a site specializing in California fly drive holidays and other awesome traveling packages.

image via Macondo Viaggi

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