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Night Out With Sea Turtles!

Guest Post by David Selva:

Miles of beach, ancient ruins and smiling sun–sounds like a great package for a perfect holiday. The blend of these perfect ingredients is not found on a distant planet but on the Caribbean coastline of the Riviera Maya region. Riviera Maya located on the eastern portion of the Yucatán Peninsula is famous for its all-inclusive resorts, ancient Mayan ruins and picturesque location. Be it the tourist town of Playa del Carmen or the ancient town of Tulum, this region is definitely an all inclusive package. Being blessed with spotless white sand beach and pristine water, this region undoubtedly attracts many visitors all round the year.

Baby sea turtles crawling across the beach

Apart from having human visitors grace this region all year round, there are some yearly visitors. They are none other than the shelled creatures – sea turtles. A relaxing walk on the serene beach, dimly lit by the moonlight and thousands of stars shining above for company during the month of May, can turn into an adventure as the visitors announce their arrival by making the ‘thwap-thwap’ sound amidst the sound of the crashing surf. The beaches of Riviera Maya are the nesting grounds for two species of sea turtles: the Loggerhead and the Green sea turtle as they turn up every year during the month of May to October to give birth to new lives.

The female turtles make their way to the shore with the help of moonlight and lay around 100 eggs. The baby turtles take around 60 days to hatch and return to the sea. They remember their place of birth as they will also return someday to complete the cycle of life. During the nesting period, the hotel owners inform their guests about the dos and don’ts and contribute in making the nesting season free from any human damage. The hotels enroll themselves in programs like ‘Save the Turtle’ and invite the guests to witness the miracle of nature and be a part of it. They are taught to release the baby turtles safely into the sea and to inform the Turtle Patrol if they spot any female turtle laying eggs.

Akumal Bay, Half Moon Bay, and Jade Beach consist of the turtle beach area which is also known as La Playa Tortogua, where different turtles that come ashore to nest and eat along the bay. During the turtle nesting season which lasts from May to October, turtle “walk and talk” tours are organized to allow eco-tourists and guests take part in managing the beaches so that each nesting mother finds a place for her to leave her eggs in a hole that has been dug once she comes ashore.

Turtle tours are also organized where one can watch sea turtles drop eggs at night and help turtle hatchlings reach the sea. They can also gain inside access to sea turtle conservation work and contribute in whatever best way they can. Snorkelling with sea turtles in another fun sport to take up. One can avail this opportunity in a half-day excursion to Akumal Bay, a palm-fringed bay protected by a natural barrier reef, where one can snorkel and swim with incredible loggerhead sea turtles in their natural environment. A vacation in Riviera Maya not only ensures you lifetime memories but also provides the opportunity to join the turtles in their journey of life.

David Selva is passionate about Mexico and that made him move to Mexico to pursue his interests. He blogs regularly for his real estate and travel blog and shares his insights with fellow travellers. 

image via The Daily Green

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