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Concert Traveling on a Budget

Our vacations are often planned around something. It may be to visit family, to attend a special event, to go scuba diving or to just get some relaxing time by the pool. All these reasons make for a wonderful vacation. But, have you ever thought about planning a vacation around a concert?

Concert venue view from the balcony

It is always a downer when you find out your favorite band or artist isn’t stopping in your hometown on their tour. Don’t let that get you down. Traveling to see a concert is a blast and can be done on a budget. Follow these tips to make sure your concert going vacation doesn’t break the bank.

Find a Good Website

Often the website you choose to buy your tickets from can have a big impact on your ticket price. You can save big just by shopping around and finding cheap tickets at places like, for example. Online Tickets USA’s concert tickets are cheaper. This isn’t the only website to get a good deal. Shop around and make sure you are getting the best deal possible.

Location, Location, Location

Don’t just buy tickets to a concert at any location. Be smart before you pick a place.  In order to save money pick your location based on two things. First, pick the location that is closest to you. This way, you could possibly save money by driving. Also, shorter flights are less expensive.

Second, pick a location where you know someone. This can be a great money saving tool. If you have family or friends in the location you can save money by staying with them. This is also a great idea because you can “kill two birds with one stone.” You can take a vacation to see your favorite concert and visit family.

The More the Merrier

Not only is a big group more fun to travel with, it can be a money saver. If you pick a location that isn’t too far, a large group can make this less expensive. You can all drive in the same car and split the gas money. Fill up every seat in the car and your portion of gas will be less. This same idea works for a hotel room. The more people you split the tab with, the smaller your portion is.

When you buy tickets to your event, ask if group rates are available. If you purchase a large amount of tickets together you can often get a discount. The worst they can tell you is no so, it is worth asking.

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