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Why a Caravanning Holiday Could Be Right for You

Camping trips, outdoor adventures and caravan holidays in Wales are on the rise in 2012, as thousands of British holiday makers choose to spend their money at home, and enjoy a great holiday without spending huge amounts on fuel or taxes and airfares.

Indeed, in the last year alone, it was reported that Wales enjoyed over 9.7 million visitors who stayed at least one night each, meaning that staycations are on the rise in the country.  As the BBC reports, these figures are their highest since the Great Britain Tourism Survey began in 2006.

Caravanning in the mountainsSo why are so many Britons choosing to stay at home in 2012? One major draw is the range of celebrations and events which are taking place in the UK this year. The added impetus of the Olympics and the recently celebrated Jubilee weekend have put a renewed focus on all things British, and placed greater emphasis on celebrating what is on our doorstep.

Caravanning is becoming a new (old!) way to tap into this phenomenon; owning a touring caravan allows you the freedom to travel around the country and visit the best spots in the UK without spending huge amounts on hotels and travel transfers.

Carvanning – alongside camping – has also been celebrated for its suitability for families and groups. A holiday of this nature is exemplary in bringing people together, and for this reason, many of the UK’s key holiday park destinations, such as the Isle of Wight, Tenby and Essex, have seen an increase in interest.

Holiday parks are large communities built for visitors to holiday on site as well as enjoy the surrounding countryside. These are tailor-made for families – the British version of the all-inclusive if you will – and their major advantage is that they don’t’ require you to own a caravan or a tent.

Families holiday-ing in larger numbers – such as with the kids and grandparents – can really take advantage of these kinds of holidays, as static caravans are very reasonable to rent (coming in at less than £100 per person per week).

What is more, kids are well catered to by entertainment and activities, meaning that parents and grandparents can take turns to have some time off and be alone in their accommodations.

A final and very crucial reason for the renewed popularity of the caravan is another contemporary old-trend-turned-new: the British activity holiday. E-market reports note that the recession has dented overseas tourism and overseas activity markets, which has spelt good news for the UK, where outdoor adventure centers, climbing, kayaking and horse riding courses are all on the up.

This has chimed well with the renewed popularity of caravanning, which allows holiday makers to live in close proximity to adventure sites; as most parks or camps are located in coastal areas, in national parks or near farms and climbing centers or wildlife reserves. These two powerful – and very current – factors have combined to make caravanning the most effective way to see the country in 2012

image via The Daily Mail

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