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Air Travel Tips For Taming The Unfriendly Skies

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Does the very thought of stepping onto an airplane for a few hours make you cringe? With long layovers and unappetizing in-flight fare, it’s natural to feel a little pessimistic about boarding a flight to just about anywhere, these days. Traveling the airways doesn’t mean you’re doomed to boredom and discomfort, though. A few preparations can help you get from takeoff to touchdown in a happier state of mind.

  • Select the quietest seats possible. Seats by the lavatory or galley typically see the most traffic and noise. If you want to avoid having your elbows bumped, pick seats as far from these areas as possible.
  • Have a backup meal plan. You know that airline food is going to be hit and miss, so it’s best to have some snacks to see you through to your destination. High-protein snacks, like nuts and protein bars, will keep you full without setting you up for a sugar crash later on.
  • Carry ample entertainment with you. You never know when the in-flight movie will start, or whether it’s something you want to watch. In the air, your iPod is your best friend. Keep it charged and loaded with enough music, podcasts and movies to last your entire flight, including any layovers. Handheld game systems are perfect for killing a few hours, too. If you grow tired of staring at screens, switch to a book or magazine.
  • Block out everything. A pair of noise-cancelling headphones helps insulate you from the engine noise and your fellow passengers, leaving you with just your music. If you just want to sleep, ear-plugs can get you the quiet you need without the weight of over-the-ear headphones.
  • Carry toiletries to freshen up. Brushing your teeth or cleaning your face can wipe out fatigue during or after a long flight. Pack a toothbrush and toothpaste of acceptable size to get through security. A small, carry-on-friendly package of wet-wipes is also a welcome relief for long flights that leave you feeling grimy.
  • Stay limber on long flights. Sitting for too long starts to introduce a lot of aches and soreness. Try doing a few leg and arm exercises in your seat, and get up once an hour or so to walk down the aisle and stretch.

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