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5 Inexpensive European Getaways

Flying by Alberto P. VeigaWith all of the economic doom and gloom from both sides of the pond, it is more important than ever to maintain a budget. This does not mean holidays need to be missed. Many parts of Europe offer inexpensive getaway options. It is possible to have urban adventures and sun-soaked beach holidays throughout the continent if you know where to find the good bargains. Everything from inexpensive flights, cheap hotels and budget tours are available throughout Europe.


Wait, what? Did you read London, the most expensive city in Europe? Yes you did. Virgin Atlantic offers up an eight day holiday package in London for less than 780 Euros (1000 USD or 640 British Pounds). This includes lodging in a three star hotel, full British breakfasts, city transfer from the airport and the flight. It is hard to imagine staying in one of the world’s truly cosmopolitan cities for such a bargain price, and with this getaway, you get to experience all the city offers.

Go East

Many Eastern European destinations offer supreme savings. If you are an outdoor enthusiast and want to spend your holidays trekking through the mountains and playing in the wild, consider a trip to Romania. The Carpathian Mountains in Romania are home to the highest concentration of bears and wolves in all of Europe, making it a great destination for photographers and nature lovers. Everything from very inexpensive hotels, meals, drinks and park entries make Romania a top choice for outdoor fans.

Greek Islands

If you get off the main tourist trail and head to the smaller and lesser visited Islands of Greece, a bargain sun and beach holiday can be had. One island, Kalymnos, in the Southern Dodecanese, offers quaint pensions, hotels bars and kilometers of beautiful beaches. Plan the trip to coincide with the shoulder-season (late August into early September) and find even greater savings. The beautiful thing about holidays in the Greek Islands is that if you don’t like the island you are on, hop a ferry and find another.

Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast

Croatia has rebuilt itself since the civil war in the early 1990s. Today, Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast is a hidden gem in the European continent. Imagine a holiday spent along azure water, coastal castles and vibrant nightlife. Inexpensive flights serve the city of Dubrovnik where car rentals are available. Head down to the coast and spend your getaway soaking up sun at bargain prices. Stay in the Hotel Adriatic and enjoy all of the modern amenities Western European hotels offer at prices considerably lower.


Portugal has long been one of the least expensive countries in Europe. Things changed a little when Portugal adopted the Euro, but it still remains a close-to-home, inexpensive getaway. Stay in the Algarve region and sample local port wines and dine on the famed seafood dishes of the country. Fly into Lisbon on one of Europe’s bargain carriers and find car hire at the airport. Fuel up and explore this timeless country.

There are many other great inexpensive European vacation ideas. If you are more urban than beach, consider a jaunt to Krakow, in Poland. The city is known for a vibrant nightlife scene and has one of the best zoos in Europe. If you want further wilderness vacations, head to the forests of Bulgaria, cheap and still wild.

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