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Healthy Eating Tips for Travelers

healthy eating while travelingTraveling just isn’t very conducive to healthy eating, and it takes a bit of preparation to maintain a wholesome routine. Relaxing your diet a little can be a luxurious part of your vacation, not to mention a chance to sample the local fare. But you can still enjoy yourself without jettisoning your healthy eating habits. Try these tips for healthy eating while you travel.

Healthy Habits for Traveling:

  • Scout out food at your destination. You may want to inquire about low-calorie, low-fat meals for your flight and at your destination. If your hotel or resort doesn’t supply healthy options, explore the area for a grocery store or restaurants with healthy options.
  • Pack your own snacks. Fast food joints will torpedo your diet on most road trips. Pack healthy snacks and drinks in a cooler so you can avoid high-calorie alternatives that line the highways. On a flight, skip the soda; sugar crashes can make flying even less comfortable. Stick with dried fruit and nuts instead.
  • Get the group on board. If your traveling companions know that you have a healthy eating goal for the trip, they’ll be less likely to tempt you with unhealthy options. Don’t be a nag; just make your desires known. You may even inspire them to stick to more diet-friendly restaurants themselves.
  • Cut back on the drinks. The alcohol in fruity mixed drinks — not to mention the sugar — is a real diet-killer. And on cruises and resort vacations, where the drinks are often free, your pocket-book won’t be holding you back. Limit yourself on the number of drinks and you’ll consume a lot fewer calories.

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