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Travel Tips for Moms

Guest Post by Dan Williams:

Family vacations are great. They give you fresh air to breath and a reason to smile together. But even then, you can’t just run away from your responsibilities. You now have the responsibility to make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves. Especially if you are a mother; you always have to play the role of a mother no matter where you are. If your kids are having problems, you still have to deal with it! So to make your life easier, I’m going to suggest some tips, tips that will be helpful to avoid any uncomfortable situations while you travel with your family.

These tips are for you to make arrangements before any actual travel. Of course you can add a few more if you think they are important.

Go online - Doing a little bit of online research could be a great help. Search for the resorts and fun places where you are planning to visit. How about making a top ten list of rides or resorts and then open an online poll and share it? People will love to share their opinion, and fresh ideas can help you plan a family-smart vacation.

Mother and daughter walking on the beachEveryone should have space of their own - If you are traveling with older kids, consider booking a suite. Kids think it’s cool, and they will just love to think that they are grown up enough to have their own space. At the same you will get to spend more private time with your partner.

Print maps for everyone - Take printouts of maps and give one copy to each member of the family. Mark the common meeting places and make sure everyone knows what to do in case they are lost. Of course, this is only appropriate for teens who may be able to explore on their own. This may sound simple, but believe me it works!

Being too protective is a good thing - You will always be worried about the little ones in your family, and this can spoil your good time if you really are well-prepared. Write your phone number on their hand, or make sure your contact information is on them at all times. Even if they get lost, it will help whomever finds them to contact you immediately.

Enjoy yourself - This is the most important thing. Forget about your office or business. Stop taking business calls, and enjoy your time with your family. You are the backbone of your family, and if you keep yourself low and reserved during the whole trip, it can affect the mood of your whole group. Everyone, including you deserves to have a good time.

Head to the water- Everyone loves water rides, and you’re probably no exception. Don’t forget to take swimsuits with you, and of course zip-lock plastic bags to keep your wallet dry while you enjoy the rides.

Medicines- If you are headed to a place that’s far away from home, don’t forget to take essential medicines with you, such as asthma inhalers and EpiPens. You may also want to pack other medicines; a first-aid kit, mouthwash, etc. This will definitely come in handy during the trip.

Take extra clothes- You should not be over confident with your assumptions on the weather. Expect cooler, warmer or wetter weather than you have predicted, and pack your bag with extra clothes in case the weather changes.

Hopefully these tips are enough to make your trip a safe one and without hassles. I could add a few more but I guess I have already bored you enough so just enjoy your trip!

Dan Williams is a business man and a free lance article writer who travels a lot. His passion for travel can be seen in his articles about Orlando airport transportation, the magic of Disneyland, Orlando car services and many more.

image via Family First

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