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Photography: A Fun Hobby for Moms

Look around you. What’s your life story?

Pictures tell stories and by learning photography you’ll have the ability to document your life through beautiful photos. Taking photos is a natural thing for moms to enjoy because there are so many things around us that inspire us; our kids, our husbands, our family, landscapes and other interests and hobbies, and of course, our vacations.. Simply taking photos is not photography. Here are a few things to get you on the right foot to master this art form:

Invest In a Real Camera

There is certainly a limit to the quality of photos that a simple digital camera can produce. Plus a simple point and shoot camera does all the work for you, what’s the fun in that? A digital Cannon SLR (DSLR) is a popular camera that is a good for beginners to learn how to control manual settings. DSLRs also have interchangeable lenses that have different zoon capabilities and come in different forms like a fish eye or wide angle. This is a huge advantage over your everyday point and shoot camera because with a DSLR you have the option to change the lens to fit what you are shooting. The lens you use to shoot portraits of your children, for example, will be different than the one you will use to shoot a sunset.

Photographer with her Canon camera

Take A Photography Class

Ever come back from vacation and find yourself disappointed in your photos? It’s a pretty big bummer, isn’t it? Not all of us were born with a natural artistic knack for photography. Taking a digital photography class will not only teach you about how to use your camera (like ISO, aperture, zoom, white balance and shutter speed) you’ll also learn about what makes a great photo. Berger-Bros offers photography classes in NYC that are popular among moms and those who want to learn photography but aren’t in college anymore. Some classes are free when you purchase a camera from their website.

Learn Photo Editing Software

In order to really perfect your photos you’re going to have to learn how to edit your photos. Editing your photos isn’t for adding tropical zebras or celebrities photos. It’s for color correction. Abdobe Photoshop is a popular and easy photo editing application to learn. Once you’ve edited your photos you can learn about how to organize your photos easily.

The best part of photography is sharing it with people. Share you photos on Pintrest, scrapbook them or print them out. Photography is a great hobby for moms because you’ll never run out of inspiration and there’s always more you can learn.

image via PrintReady

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