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Why New York Must be Part of Your Vacation Schedule

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It’s no secret that New York is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of the world. Each year, thousands of people travel to its capital for all that it has to offer – because it offers a lot. If you are looking for some place fun to vacation, consider all of the many things to do in New York.

  • Visit the Statue of Liberty – An icon of our freedom, the Statue of Liberty has tours and is easily reached when you take a ferry. Try to buy tickets ahead of time though, and if you want to go to the crown, make sure you are in good physical health and that you have bought the special tickets that are required. Be prepared to stand in line for a bit, unless you either get a fast pass, or, the special tickets to the crown, which let you jump in a faster line.
  • Go up the Empire State Building – New York is a large city, with many tall buildings. If you want to get the best view, you’ll have to go up the tallest of them all. Travel up to the 86th floor observation deck to find the magnifying viewers that will get you an even better view of all the streets, shops, parks and hotels in New York City.
  • Take a walk down Times Square – You’ve seen it in the movies, but now you can see the huge billboards and Broadway shows for yourself. If you’re looking for souvenirs, then this is the place to go.
  • Go to Central Park – Manhattan’s famous park has 843 total acres of ponds, trails and fun events to entertain you.
  • See the animals in the Bronx Zoo – This zoo is famous for being the largest wildlife preservation in America. You can see over 4,500 animals during your visit and it covers 265 acres.

New York offers something for everyone. There are museums, sports teams, culture events and fun activities to take your mind off your everyday routine – which is just what the doctor ordered for your vacation.

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