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City Spotlight: Vienna

Vienna Austria Imperial PalaceA stop through Austria’s most beautiful city is worth a day or two on any European tour, and if you have a little more time, you could easily spend a week.  Wondering what to do?  Here are some of our favorites.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

The building on this Gothic cathedral began in 1359 and is home to some great artwork.  From the pulpit built in 1514 by Anthon Pilgram, the altarpiece from 1447, and the tomb of Prince Eugene Savoy, there are beautiful treasures to be seen inside.  The south tower is currently closed for renovations, but typically offers a beautiful view of the city.

Schonbrunn Palace

The Sconbrunn Palace once served as a summer residence for Empress Sisi.  Besides the palace, take time to visit the park, the Gloriette, and the zoo.  A tourist train also runs around the premise.

Hofburg- Imperial Palace

Formerly the residence of the Habsburg dynasty, the palace is now home to the President of Austria. It is possible to visit the Imperial Apartments where you can view some of the original furniture as well as some 20th century replicas. You can also visit the Sisi Museum, and the Silver Collection.

Museum of Fine Arts

While you’re at the Imperial Palace, swing by the Museum of Fine Arts which was built to host the collections of the imperial family.  There, you will see works by Raphael, Velazquez, Rubens, Rembrandt and others.

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