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City Spotlight: Sydney, Australia

Sydney Australia Opera House

Who’d have thought that a former penal colony would be such an ideal vacation destination? One of the biggest, bustling cities in Australia, Sydney has plenty to offer if you’re seeking an active culture scene and still want to enjoy the natural attractions that this wild continent has to offer.

Exploring the City

I’d recommend taking walking tours of almost any city you visit, as long as the weather’s nice. And since Sydney sees gorgeous weather just about all year round, a walking tour is definitely in order. You’ll see things on foot that you just wouldn’t otherwise get on a fast-moving bus tour, for instance.

If you’re a bit of a thrill-seeker, you can get your adrenaline fix while taking in the view on a daring bridge climb on the beautiful Sydney Harbor Bridge. On the climb, you’ll have an incredible view of both the ocean and the world-famous Sydney Opera House, which sits right on the harbor. If you’re a little hungry afterward, check in with Sydney on Sunday for some recommendations on cafes and restaurants from Sydney locals.

Since you’ll be so close, be sure to check listings at the Opera House for tickets to concerts, theater performances, dance concerts, magic shows and (of course) the opera. Even if you can’t get tickets to a show, there are guided tours that let you get behind-the-scenes at the iconic performance space.

Hitting the Trails

You’ll have plenty of chances to enjoy the rich, natural landscapes that are Australia’s national treasures. But even close to Sydney, you’ll have plenty of outdoor adventures waiting. The Kamay Botany Bay National Park preserves the natural landscape and historical location where European explorers first made contact with the aboriginal peoples of the continent. Visitors there can explore the unique marine environments surrounding the bay, and view the naturally carved cliffs that line the coast.

One of the unique options for cyclists visiting the city is the many biking and hiking trails that have been converted from old, abandoned railway paths. You’ll find several such trails throughout Sydney, and even more throughout other parts of New South Wales.

Even if Sydney isn’t your only stop on your visit to Australia — and I highly recommend that you see as much as you can — you can easily spend several days exploring and thrill-seeking in and around the city. Has anyone been to this Spotlight City? What did you find there?

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